WordPress 5.9 Update

WordPress 5.9 update is now available. You might be thinking to update your WordPress website to the latest release. So here is a simple guide on how to safely upgrade your website without being crashed.

How to update to latest WordPress Version safely.

  1. Go to WordPress website and download the latest release.
  2. Go to your C-Panel and upload wordpress-5.9.zip archive to your website root directory.
  3. Now, Inside your C-Panel extract this Zip archive.
  4. Now you will have a folder name wordpress. Inside this folder you’ll have all the WordPress core files & folders.
  5. Open this folder.
  6. And delete wp-content folder and wp-config-sample.php . wp-content folder contains all themes and plug-ins and wp-config-sample.php is used to generate wp-config.php. We are using our old wp-config.php and wp-content folder, so delete them from wordpress folder.
  7. Remember, you are inside your wordpress folder and you have deleted wp-content folder and wp-sample-config.php file. Now select all files and move them to root folder. As soon as you click on move button you will be ask where to move these files, carefully select the root directory of your website and don’t forget to check replace existing files.
  8. Congratulation! You have updated successfully your website to latest WordPress.
  9. Now, go to your website dashboard.
  10. Here you might be asked to update your database. Just click on update button and you are ready to go.
  11. That’s All……………………..
  12. Happy Coding!

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